Wednesday, December 11, 2013

an ocean view

humanness. it's a simple concept, and yet we add layers of complexity that ultimately cloud the very essence of the word.

grammatically speaking, adding "ness" to a word turns it into "the state of..." so humanness, simply put, is the state of being human.

and yet, in how many different states do we find ourselves - on any given day?

joyful | sorrowful
energized | exhausted
certain | perplexed
committed | detached
full | empty
surrounded | alone

you get the drift. that list is endless, therefore creating a seemingly shifting environment of our own humanity. we are changing. evolving. adapting. growing. we start at point a and scramble to find point b. we set a lofty goal and create action steps towards achievement. our responses change. our emotions shift. and encompassed in all of that is our humanness.

there's that word again. but this time, it lands differently for me. why? because in examining the ebbs and flows of my own journey, i see the bigger picture...finally, i can lift my eyes from the sand bar in front of me - you know, that one that sometimes darkens as the water rises and other times is a soft space to land and rest. it's been my marker of where i am in my life. am i succeeding? am i growing? am i developing a specific skill set or building authentic relationships? tonight, i'm peeling my eyes away from the false marker on which my eyes have been fixed, and i'm repositioning my heart and my sight on what's in front of me: an expansive ocean, one with no end point on the left or right, and just a horizon creating its boundary in the distance. in this space - this epic, massive, infinite space - i see beauty, power, strength, unpredictability...and it's complete.

just as our humanness is complete.

we are created by a Masterful Artist, the One who - before the start of time - created me with each and every element of "ness." within me, He instilled vision, connection, passion, and a heart that can't beat for anything other than massive, earth shattering love. throughout my life, i've acknowledged the changing waves of my journey - some with gratitude and some with regret - all reliant on the "ness" of that specific time. today, i choose a new perspective: radical acceptance of the journey in its entirety. today i choose the ocean.

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