Tuesday, December 31, 2013

surrender to belief.

in the first week of 2013, i launched head first into intention, heartfelt and committed to identifying one word - only one - that would remain my focus and grounding force throughout the year. i spent hours in the thick of my journal, heavy handed with a black pen and determined to uncover the layers of God's purpose for that year. a couple hours into the process, bold font - like the glaring headline of a newspaper - flashed across my mind. the letters came together as if pulled from the very center of my soul (because that is how He writes...)


as my pen strokes spelled the word onto paper, my voice muttered it out loud. with the sound of it echoing from my heart, i experienced anxiety...eagerness...peace...and freedom............all at once. 


He called me into a year of surrender, one filled with poignant moments that caused me to lean on His truth and rely on His provision. one that revealed my doubting nature and created a trusting heart. one marked with spectacular adventure and epic love stories. one that will be reminisced upon and journaled about for years to come....

because i chose to surrender control of my own life and rest in the grace of the One Who created mine.

so here i am again, this time with an open heart to receive what He has for the year to come. this time, hearing that word didn't take hours. it barely took minutes. He used the voice of an incredible friend to speak some truth into my life. as she shared her heart, i could hear His for me. 

that with which He has filled me is enough. that with which He has designed me is good. that which He has set for me to have is plenty. that which He has called me to do will happen. He has clearly called me into a new year, and all He's asked of me...

"My child, believe." 

"Lord, You have assigned me my portion and my cup; You have made my lot secure." -Psalm 16:5

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