Friday, October 25, 2013

room for boldness

i've been told i have a bold personality. and i apologized for that. i've been told i'm scattered - ideas left to right, top to bottom. and i apologized for that. i struggled to get focused. i wrestled to "be clear." in the last month, i've tried on something new. acceptance.

my Creator instilled in me a passion for the form of a brain with a fully active right side that spews creativity, thought, music, color, words, ideas, and connection. instead of fighting my heart, what would happen if i embraced all that is within it? and so i have.

i have a bold personality. i have an addiction to people. and i'm a visionary.

nice to meet you.

earlier this week, i came down with the stomach flu. i worked for the week knowing i had a day off fast approaching before a BIG and packed weekend. if i could make it through 100%, i could be still. rest. and get ready to check off a one year goal. (by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow - i'll be at the conclusion of my spin instructor certification course. #goalsalive) so clearly, to make it through a 2.5 hour ride and 7 hours of lecture, i need rest. but what happens when an active human with 1,000 thoughts a second sits still?

you're reading it.

i journal. i ideate. i work on projects. i organize our finances. i clean (ok, that hasn't happened yet). i develop partners for a non-profit movement. i connect with an individual changing lives around the world. i career coach.

when i create space for rest, i find room for boldness. i find room to invest time in all the things i love most. because for me, rest equals space. space gives way to connection. and connection is the fuel of my life.

what i see in today is an opportunity to create that space in every minute. a moment to breath in gratitude, and exhale connection. a chance to put aside a to do list and be a part of someone's life list.

when we turn away from who we are, we stumble down a road that leaves us exhausted and only wanting more. what would happen if instead of chasing a supposed to or should do, you ran (quickly) after a WANT TO? what fills you up? what wakes up your soul?

today, make room for your heart. make room for boldness. the world is waiting for you.

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