Wednesday, July 17, 2013

when Joy calls

I hear it everyday.I say it everyday. "life happens."

Today, I\'m struck by the magnitude of what\\\'s captured in that statement for so many of us.

What has happened?

A family member has taken ill. A spouse has lost his or her job. A child has suffered a virus with no foreseen cure. A friend has experienced a freak accident.

More often than not, I hear myself refer to life as the bucket for all things too difficult to carry on a human level.

Until today. The day when joy called.

Life happened today. I woke up. I shared an embrace with the man I adore. I took a bike ride in the sunshine to work - to a job I happen to love. I shared a phone call with peer who encouraged me in my work. I grabbed food with a friend. I sat on the couch and sipped wine with my main man while talking through his daily updates and "looking forward to\\\'s." I touched based with my sister for the planning of our parents\\\' 40th anniversary. I was reminded by a dear friend that God\'s goodness does not waiver - even when the world\'s no seems louder than God\'s abiding peace.

And that was simply today.

What joy might call tomorrow? Try these on for size.

-Embrace the moments that fuel your being
-Share gratitude with the first person you see
-View circumstances as just that - temporary peripheral happenings

Happiness is a chase without results.
Joy is a grounded recognition of Truth and freedom in choice.

From which place will you take action tomorrow?


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