Thursday, July 11, 2013


At the start of 2013, a friend handed me a guide - a play by play of zoning in on the word of the year. It\'s a twist, if you will, on the traditional "new years resolution," and one i was happy to test given my frequent frustration with resolve.

I thumbed through the pages of this workbook...determined to identify this word - this intention...reminder...north star of 2013. At the end of the workbook, I released expectation and toil - the work of simply trying to think such a lofty idea into existence.

And then it clicked.


Much of my life has been spent in overdrive - creating, doing, the root of those activities is one simple human truth: proving self worth.

at the start of 2013, i simply longed to sense and know God\'s presence in the midst of endless uncertainty. He gifted me with a sweet moment of truth - His truth that has never wavered. His presence has never faded. His goodness has never waned. His sovereignty has never failed.

And so in 2013, i committed to surrender. When i sense the human worth race clamoring at the door of my heart, i choose to be still and abide in His divine and purpose filled creation. When fear of what\'s next beckons at my earthly stability, I surrender to His provision that has never failed. When i question my purpose, I lean into His grace.

I surrender my mind so He can reign in my heart.

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