Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Letting Go

I'm learning something...yet again...I can't seem to let go.

I always knew I had trouble closing doors in my life, and allowing God to transition me into another season. However, it was only when my better half actually verbalized examples of this tendency to hold on did I suddenly realize that I do not give God much room with which to work. I ask for things. I beg for direction. I hope for a second chance. I pray for some stark realization...however, I never give God space in my heart to transform those deep places of hurt or anxiety into settled oceans of peace.

That's when He starts to make room.

Lately, I find that God is nudging His way in through experiences, tragedy, or a quick trip to a coffee shop. Sometimes it's through something noticeable..or someone, I should say. Other times, it's a subtle and gentle reminder to me that He's still God, and He's still in control. My ending prayer for today, a day of wondering and questioning, is that I will simply step back and follow those still, small leadings and allow Him to work...allow Him to heal...allow Him to move mountains and make a highway, as He promises to do in His word. Praise Him Someone Else is driving this life train............

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