Friday, January 9, 2009

Where is my BILLBOARD?!?

As I studied 2nd Samuel last night, I became strangely envious of David's ability to seek God and actually hear an answer from Him. No matter how much power David gained and no matter how many successes he experienced, he continued to seek God's faced first before any decision (large or small). And when he did, God answered him...and he answered him mightily.

So I started thinking...where in the world is my billboard? Don't I ask questions? Don't I seek wisdom? Why haven't I seen some sign in the sky? Why haven't I audibly heard the voice of my Creator? I am starting to wonder if I actually listen.

While God might not come down out of the heavens to answer me as He did David, He has continuously put answers in front of me. Now, whether or not I choose to recognize them is one thing! That's actually the thing I'm still learning. However, I think now is a good time to stop praying for signs and start asking for a listening heart and opened eyes. 

I had lunch with a close girlfriend today, and she graciously shared her heart with me in an effort to encourage me in this particular season. I was truly dumbfounded as she spoke, because what she shared, without my prompting or questioning, was exactly what had been on my heart the past few days. I told her that it was as though she had ESP! I am praising God now, just 30 minutes after our lunch, for His beautiful billboard posted on my heart via the words of an amazing friend. 

In my Thursday morning Bible study, we reviewed the passage that illustrates examples of serving God. When Jesus spoke to the disciples, He pointed out that whatever one man did for the "least of these," he has done for God. How often do we miss the face of Jesus? How often are we approached by another in need of help, and we quickly turn a cold shoulder out of uncertainty or annoyance? How often do I receive true and Godly wisdom from someone without recognizing it as a God-breathed billboard? 

I'm starting to get the's time to stop begging for a sign and hoping for a miracle. We are living the miracle...we are in the midst of His signs. Each day He surrounds us with His presence in a new and refreshing way. Perhaps it is time I slow down and recognize His grace in instead of questioning His sovereignty. 

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