Saturday, June 21, 2014

a new view

When is it time to say yes to a new view? What triggers a distinct recognition that something in life needs to shift? What does it take, internally, to say yes to change?

And what if...instead of waiting for that moment, a big decision, a life altering moment in time...what if we simply said yes to change everyday?

As I near the start of my thirties, I am realizing that God calls us to change, to refinement, to movement, every single day. We have the opportunity to assimilate or recreate, and I choose the latter.

It feels easier to see shift in the big changes. I recently left lululemon athletica, a large yoga and running apparel company based in Vancouver, for our 62 year old family owned business, National. The time leading up to the decision was emotionally intense, sometimes physically exhausting, and ultimately fully exhilarating. I find that to be the norm as we walk through a choice journey. Overall, the peaks and valleys are unpredictably timed but predictably there.

So how does one thrive in the steady and move in the daily? How does it differ when compared to what others may call a massive life change? The changes our family have experienced lately compel me to recognize the unending reliance on God's sovereignty - whether we are enjoying a mountain top view or feel the sun may never shine again. His grace is the tool that shaves down those peaks and valleys into a more sustainably stroll, one that I will choose gladly over an uphill climb. Daily connection with our Creator calls into our lives a simplicity of purpose and gift of peace that is necessary to move from enduring life to enjoying it.

So as our family continues to experience change, big and small, I will rest...still in His love.

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